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Willis Power Systems

The Willis Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) was one of the first of its kind, originating from the aircraft industry almost 30 years ago. Willis Power Systems brings the efficiencies and comfort of aerospace technology to the trucking industry by engineering an APU to specifically meet the needs of fleets and operators alike.

Our new APU, the Compact Willie™, responds to the need for a smaller, lighter, and more powerful APU that assures compliance with anti-idling laws. It was specifically designed to be an off-the-shelf, affordable compact. Yet it is also so powerful that it is capable of meeting the true comfort needs of all drivers.

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable electronic controls with diagnostic capabilities
  • Keeps truck engine warm with the integrated system so you will never have a cold start
  • Monitors truck batteries for auto start charging
  • Diamond Plate Aluminium Cover
  • Removable panels for easy maintenance


  • Self-Contained System (closed loop heat)
  • Extreme Cold Kit
  • Inverter for 110V AC power
  • Shorepower (one receptacle only)


APU Weight:
APU Dimensions:

3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel, 20 HP
150 Amps @14V DC
319 lbs.
24"W x 28" H x 23" D
30,000 BTU
28,000 BTU of heating with the extreme cold kit
780 CFM